Your Training Mindset


Your Training Mindset


“What is “mindset?” What should it be? How do we fix it, if it’s flawed? Great questions. Your mindset is your attitude, in essence. Your personal approach to training, the underlying deep reason you train. A number of things can influence your mindset, such as your self-esteem, your personal values, the popular media, your peers, the culture at your gym, your trainer, etc…etc…It’s kind of a summary of your thoughts, ideas, perceptions, all filtered thru the lens of your self esteem.Your mindset can determine how you react to setbacks in training, injury, lack of progress, etc… Example:

Athlete #1:
PerceptionI’m a bad ass, top of the food chain, alpha-male, and I dominate in the gym, well ok maybe not every single workout, but hey most of them. Well ok, as long as they don’t have running in them, or double-unders, or burpees, yea I hate those. But everything else I kick ass, ….most of the time, well yea ok except for that time so and so beat me, yea that was a fluke. I’m bad ass, I dominate. 

Reality: This athlete may in fact have a lot of solid attributes, but he’s arrogant and unwilling to recognize his shortcomings. Maybe a little insecure about it so he feels the need to boast about his strengths in the gym. Even if he’s not actually obnoxious about it, we’ve all seen this particular gym goer, even in CrossFit. So his mindset is unhealthy. Mindset adjustment: He needs to humble himself and get to work on the areas of weakness. Mindset affects performance. Other people out-performing you in the gym is a positive thing, not a negative one, unless you’re just straight out slacking of course. Check the ego, don’t let it get in the way of your progress. Be honest and admit where you need work. ” Continued…