Your Past Is Not Your Future


Your Past Is Not Your Future



“If you want to be more optimistic and full of hope, you must look towards the future with positive thoughts. One of the most debilitating, and limiting thinking patterns, is when you let negative events in your past dictate your future.

Meaning, if you had an awful experience with something once, it does not mean that what’s ahead will be terrible as well. You will face adversity, but just because you faced before, does not mean that you will face it again in the same way. You may enter a situation being more aware, or more cautious, but keep your optimism and hope alive.

  • It is never too late to start thinking more positively.
  • You can give yourself the best chance for incredible opportunities and results by approaching situations with a hopeful perspective. Or, you may really benefit from using optimistic realism.

Continue to remind yourself that the past is the past, and that it will not keep you from going after what you really want and are capable of having. ”