WOD 022422


WOD 022422

Crescent City Crossfit – CrossFit


500m Ski OR 500m Row

15 Banded Pass Throughs

6L/6R Banded All Around the Worlds

15 Banded Front Pull Aparts

15 Banded Overhead Presses

On the Rig:

30sec Banded Tricep Stretch (Each Side)

30sec Banded Internal Rotation Stretch (Each Side)

30sec Banded Lat Stretch (Each Side)


Bench Press (2 Rep Max)

*15min TIME CAP*

**Rest 2-3min in Between Heavy Sets**

**Use Previous Maxes as a Guide**


Tabata Ouch II (3 Rounds for reps)

Movement 1 — C2 or Assault Bike

Movement 2 — Ski Erg

Movement 3 — Rower

–Rest 1min in Between Movements–
*Score is Calories on Each Machine*

**Tabata = 4min/8 Rounds**