What If You Had Just This One Goal?


What If You Had Just This One Goal?

Via MentalityWod.com

“Most days, you are going to be challenged. If you are training correctly, most workouts will challenge you.

At some point during the day you are going to face a challenging person or situation. You may feel like you want to shut down, stop, yell, quit, cry, freak out, swear or punch something. You may start to have negative self-talk, doubts or fears. You might feel your body tire, or you might feel your muscles tense up because of the challenge.

What if you had just one goal each and every day, or each and every training session?

Try this

  • At the beginning of your day, or workout, give yourself this goal: ”I want to be proud of how I respond in the face of challenge”
  • At the end of the day, or after your workout, reflect on if you are proud of how you responded to being mentally or physically challenged. If you are proud…awesome.  If you aren’t…what can you do differently the next time?”