Mobility for People Who Hate Doing Mobility


Mobility for People Who Hate Doing Mobility


“Let me start this pile of words off with two things…


1. I hate mobility work. When I get to the gym, I want to lift, not roll around on a bunch of over priced dog toys for 30 minutes. I don’t read books about it or pore over videos of people strapping themselves up with rubber bands. The thought of lying on top of what looks likes a $50 sea anemone is something that just doesn’t interest me.


2.NOTHING in this article is ground breaking or anything you couldn’t find if your read the articles posted on either the Catalyst Athletics or Performance Menu. By no means is anything in here new, it’s just something I would want to read due to my hatred of the topic.


Let’s be honest, in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, being more mobile is something that will help out about 95% of the people who participate in the sport. Yes, there are some people who are hypermobile. I have only seen a few of these people in my time, but obviously if you are one of them, you just don’t need to read this. (You, however, probably need to do some curls to tighten up those arms.) I have personally watched guys in their 20s who are already very mobile spend 45 minutes doing mobility work, then spend about 20 minutes on actual hard lifting. Please read this article from Greg about a warm up being just that…


There are hundreds of ways to skin this cat—just Google “mobility for weightlifting” and you will get about 6,940,000 hits in under a half second. What I am not going to do is waste your time with a set plan on what to do. The reasons I won’t do this is that the odds are you won’t follow it and why do something that works for me that might not work for you? We all have different areas of concern, and what I need to address is something that might not bother you. What I am going to do is give you some ideas or things to try to help you out that have worked for me and the guys that I train with.


All I ever wanted to do was get loose and mobile and not look like a complete clown shoe while I was doing it. These are some things I have found that helped:


1. Get loose for your session hours before you actually train. Greg wrote an article about this very topic and it can be found here…