Meet Jordan


Meet Jordan

Meet Jordan. 1/2 of Crossfit Elmwood’s 5am power couple. Congratulations on that muscle up!

Jordan Huck

Jordan Huck

1-Name: Jordan Huck

2-Profession: Lawyer

3-When did you start CrossFit: November 2012

4-Favorite thing about the box: The trainers and the location.

5-Favorite lift or movement: Pull ups. (The only thing I was good at when I started.)

6-least favorite WOD so far: The 3 day stretch of The Hammer, Victoria, and JT. It was brutal.

7-Biggest change: Increased strength and muscular endurance. (And sleep schedule – the 5am WOD is early!)

8-Next goal you hope to accomplish: Max most (if not all) of my lifts at a weight greater than my body weight.

9-How you would describe CrossFit to friends/ family in four words or less: Builds muscle and confidence.