Meet Danielle.


Meet Danielle.

(This is an ongoing digital meet-and-greet to get to know your fellow members a little better! Join us as we feature a different athlete from the CCC / CFE family! Questions? Want to be featured? Email [email protected])

Bench jumps at the park - with a smile, no less!

Bench jumps at the park – with a smile, no less!

Danielle. What an incredible person! Truly, if you haven’t gotten the chance to know this girl yet – you’re missing out. She’s fearless. Genuine. Strong (and getting stronger by the day!). Intelligent and well-spoken, I really look up to Danielle. I’ll let her own words speak for themselves, but I’m so happy to have her and her PRECIOUS baby JJ as part of the CCC / CFE family! Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for this girl – she’s not afraid to set big goals and accomplish them one by one!

Name : Danielle Rouse
Profession / hobbies : RN/ Hobbies besides CrossFit? I love reading, tv, movies and spending time with my son.
When did you start CrossFit?
I first walked into the box on July 18 and started on ramp the next day and haven’t turned back since.
Favorite thing about the gym : 
I have been a member of a tons of different gyms all over the place but its the people and community that keep me coming back for more!!
Favorite lift or movement :
Box jumps. It was my first goal I accomplished!
Least favorite WOD so far :
“Karen” I did the first 10 wall balls and I was like I wonder if any one would notice if I just left but I figured I would so I kept going, and when I was finished I had a great since of accomplishment.
Biggest change you’ve seen so far since you started CrossFit
Definitely confidence and the ability to just do more
Next goal you hope to write on the wall :
Rope climb (**UPDATE: yeah, she definitely knocked that one off the list. Toes to bar too. In the same day. ROCKSTAR!**)
How you would describe CrossFit to friends/ family in four words or less :
When people ask and they always do, I say something about fun, addictive and then I mumble a bunch of confusing stuff, so I have no idea how to describe this in four words!!