Do You Often Resort To A “Victim Mentality”


Do You Often Resort To A “Victim Mentality”


“Do you ever have that helpless feeling? Like you feel powerless, or don’t have a say in what happens to you? Many of us have felt at the mercy of our circumstances. Are you constantly creating a “victim mentality” and therefore putting yourself down for where you are right now?

A “victim mentality” might sound something like this: “I have wasted the last 2 years at a box that didn’t have great coaching, and the programming sucked” or “I should never have worked there for that long, I could have been following my passion instead” or “I never wanted to do that competition anyway, that was a stupid decision”

  • Step 1 “Awareness” – Instead, acknowledge that you made choices all along that gave you specific opportunities in life
  • Step 2 “Appreciation” – Appreciate that you made a choice for yourself at that time because you believed it was the best option. You can learn and grow from your life choices, this is a blessing.
  • Step 3 “Acceptance” (or Embracing it– Realize that you are where you are right now, and you can choose at this moment to go forward with a positive, excited attitude about what’s next

Make sure that you’ve read Monday’s post as well “3 Very Strong Words” because you must remember that you have a choice.” Continued…