Do 1 Of These Things Every Day


Do 1 Of These Things Every Day


“A lot of people just cruise through life. If you ever find yourself simply “tuning out” and “going through the motions”, then you are definitely not growing, improving or evolving. I think that too much of the same thing, is just not good for us.

I believe there are two things that we can do each day that are really good for us.

Do one of these two things (or both), every day

1. Do something that you’re not great at – Purposefully do something that challenges you, and something that you don’t feel is one of your strengths

2. Do something new – Intentionally try something brand new. Maybe you go somewhere new, eat something different or try something for the first time

If you want to continue to push your boundaries and improve every day (like I do), then you have to continue to expand your limits. Each day is a chance to be better than the day before. If you continue to challenge yourself and try new things, then you’ll continue to be more capable than you were the day before. Plus, life is a lot more fun when you put yourself out there.
Comment below with what you’re going to do today” Continued…