CrossFit – Thu, Oct 27


CrossFit – Thu, Oct 27

Crescent City Crossfit – CrossFit


500 Meter Row/500 Meter Ski/or 1000 M C2B

50 FT Bear Crawl

50 FT Hamstrings Scoops

50 FT High Knees

50 FT Walking Quad Stretch

50 FT Cossacks

50 FT Toe Walk

25 FT Inchworm with Push Up

8 Leg Swings Fwd/Bwd (ea)

8 Leg Swings Side to Side (ea)

30 Sec Calf Stretch R

30 Sec Calf Stretch L


DB Z Press Superset With 60sec Plank (Weight)

4×8, After Every Set Complete a 60sec Plank Hold
*Ascend in Weight Every Set*

**Rest as Needed**


Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6 Rounds:

200m Run

350/250m Row

–Rest 2min–
*Score is Split Times For EACH Round*

**Scale 200m Run to 400m Bike**