CrossFit – Mon, Oct 31


CrossFit – Mon, Oct 31

Crescent City Crossfit – CrossFit


2 Rounds:

1 Min Any Machine

5/5 Single Arm Russian KB Swings

5/5 Single Arm KB Presses

4/4 Goblet Lunges

5/5 Up and Overs

5 Push Up to Down Dog

1 Round:

5 Scap Pull Ups

5 Kip Swings

5 Knee to Elbows or knee raises

5 Toes to Bar


Jack Skellington (Time)

For Time

10-31-10-31 Reps of:
Plate Ground to Overhead (35/25#)
Toes to Bar
Burpee To Plate

*After EACH Round Complete a 100FT Plate Overhead Walking Lunge*
*Scale Weight on Plate as Needed*

*Scale TTB With Hanging Knee Raises OR Lying Toes to Rig*

**25min TIME CAP**



Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds NOT FOR TIME:

10 Slider Body Saws

20 Russian Twists w/Plate