Are You A Good Teammate?


Are You A Good Teammate?


“Although weightlifting could be considered an individual sport, there is a good chance you will be on some sort of team or at the very least train with others at some point in your career. So the question is, Are you someone whom others want to train with, or are you the jackass that makes people cringe when you walk into the gym? I have trained with both and have learned plenty from both, and I have most likely been guilty of being both at one point or another.

Think about the great days you had in the gym: Who was there with you? What was the vibe like? Probably pretty positive, and I’m willing to bet that the feeling crept from platform to platform and lifter to lifter. So why not be the teammate who tries to cultivate that feeling every day? I personally always surround myself with other positive lifters no matter who they are or what their skill level is.”