Am I Mentally Tough?


Am I Mentally Tough?


“Being a high school coach I am always reading up on mental toughness trying to find new ways to make my players more mentally tough.  Mental toughness is something that is extremely important in athletics and life as well; sometimes it doesn’t matter how gifted of an athlete you are if you are weak mentally you will never reach your full potential.  This applies to Crossfit as well, we as CrossFitters will never reach our full potential if we are not mentally tough.  Here are a few keys and pointers on how to improve your mental toughness. 

Ask yourself if you have these qualities or if you need to work on some of them. 

  1. Flexibility– You need to be able to maintain humor even when a situation doesn’t go your way, you need to be open to re-educating yourself even with the basics.  If you can do this you will avoid defensively falling back into old back habits because they are comfortable to you.  Always put your best foot forward.
  2. Responsiveness– Remain engaged at all times, you have to be able to identify when something is going poorly and be able to have the mental toughness to fight through it and fix it.  Understand when you are starting to slack in a WOD, only you can push yourself through it.  How you respond when things get tough says a lot about you!!
  3. Strength– I’m not talking about physical strength I’m talking about being strong mentally.  Being able to find the strength to fight through something that seems insurmountable is a must.  It’s like the old adage “go down fighting” if a workout is going to beat you have the strength to dig down and go down swinging.
  4. Courage and Ethics– Have the courage to attempt something you may fail at, it will make you tougher.  Do the right thing, avoid the temptation to cut corners or cheat so you come out on top, those people are without question the weakest minded people on earth!
  5. Resiliency– You must be able to rebound from failure and disappointment, get right back to work!  It’s the only way to prevent that disappointment from happening again.”