A glimpse at a week of Paleo


A glimpse at a week of Paleo

Hey guys/gals –
Stumbled upon a blog post from CrossFit Invictus this morning. I’m not quite sure why I like to read other people’s meal plans, (probably because I’m nosy) but I thought I’d share another CrossFitter’s (almost) Paleo mealplan. I’m planning on baking up a frittata this weekend to keep in the fridge for a quick breakfast…we’ll see how it turns out 🙂


“An Almost Paleo Week
Written by George Economou and Sarah Murray

I say “almost paleo” because there are a few caveats. First, I use salt. Not a lot, but I do use it. I also use a little balsamic vinegar on my salad. If you want a completely paleo salad, you can substitute a little lemon juice and pepper for the vinegar. There are one or two other little “cheats” and I’ve annotated them as such in the recipes.

Sunday is a big food day. I think one of the keys to success with any lifestyle (I prefer to call it a lifestyle, since being on a “diet” implies deprivation of some sort) is planning ahead. We plan out our meals for the week and stock up on all of our groceries. The grocery list below typically lasts us a week, and is a good example of how we will develop our plan…”

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