7 Reasons Rx’d Doesn’t Matter


7 Reasons Rx’d Doesn’t Matter

Via Tabatatimes.com

“I often hear muttering around the gym post-WOD, as people share high fives and “Good jobs.” You can hear a low buzz of athletes minimizing their workouts. A small hum of “Yeah, but I scaled.” It seems that along the way we have lost faith in one of the major tenets of CrossFit and fitness in general: universal scalability. While putting an “Rx’d” next to your name post-WOD can often feel like the pinnacle of success, here are seven reasons that those three little letters shouldn’t be the end all be all of your goals.

1. Everything is scaled.


Who is to say that in a few years the Rx’d requirement for jump ropes isn’t triple unders? Who cares if you don’t have double unders yet? It doesn’t mean you didn’t get all hot and sweaty mid-WOD.


2. Your body matters.

Sure, throwing an “Rx’d” up on the board would be AWESOME! Don’t get me wrong — I love pushing myself to those letters. But if it means pulling my back to hit the deadlift weight? I’ll take a few less letters and a few more WODs in my future.

3. You are your own competition.

It’s easy to hate the athlete who can come in rocking out pull-ups when you have been using the band for oh.my.god.forever. Yeah, I know, you want off the band, but there is just as much victory going from a green to a blue band as there is from a blue band to no band. Comparing yourself to someone else is just a recipe for disaster. There will always be someone better than you.”