6 Tips on How to Improve Your Thrusters


6 Tips on How to Improve Your Thrusters

Via physiodetective.com

“1. Wear a T-Shirt

I have no problem these days of doing some thrusters at 95lbs – I can’t do 21 or 15 in a row but I get more than 5 done 😉 I used to train in a singlet because my eczema was bad and I couldn’t wear synthetic fabrics (only cotton!). When I significantly improved my Eczema, I was able to wear T-Shirts, especially my new Reebok CrossFit GCS shirts for my new clinic location. That was when I discovered that I didn’t just suck at Thrusters because I was unfit and weak…it helps to wear a T-Shirt!

I and countless thousands need the extra help that a T-Shirt provides – it basically allows the bar to sit on the shoulders without sliding off.

2. Practice Your Cleans

A “full squat clean” – aka “a clean” – is a great way to decrease time and increase efficiency.

Every time you drop the bar, clean it into a deep squat and then straight into your press overhead.

When practicing your cleans, make sure you practice standing it up with power and a solid Front Rack Position…” Continued…