WOD 150827


WOD 150827

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  1. Hi Todd,I think a lot of the original shock faotcr with this video was due to people not understanding that they were using an axle and attempting a continental clean. Which slightly absolves the trainers of negligence, but not completely.That said, I think this video is a perfect example of what is both right and wrong about CrossFit. It’s a wonderful program in that it does not pigeonhole itself into a single type of training, allowing people to be exposed a wide variety of training knowledge. Without CrossFit, I never would have discovered gymnastics rings, olympic weightlifting, or Mark Rippetoe’s books.But this openness to everything is a big double edged sword as evidenced by this video. These people just flat out should not be doing this exercise with max weight, or even at all. If you haven’t been squatting, deadlifting, and pressing (a.k.a the basics) for at least a few years, strongman is way outside your wheelhouse. And that goes for a lot of ring work, handstand pushups, overhead squats, and other movements that are thrust on beginners by eager trainers trying to impress their clientele. The chance for injury is far too high.Always enjoy your blog,Tom