Why You Might Feel More Stressed


Why You Might Feel More Stressed

Via Mentalitywod.com

“We feel more “burned out” and stressed when we feel like we don’t have control of things. Right?

It’s true, that in some situations we might not have that many choices, but in others we have a choice about how we spend our time and energy. Be very careful that you don’t act “choice-less” or create a situation in your mind where you feel “stuck”, when that’s not the reality. If you regularly say “well, I can’t do that now, because I have to do this other thing”, you’ll want to read on.

  • If you want to feel less stressed (and don’t we all), regularly remind yourself that you have choices.
  • Rephrase your self-talk and your words to reflect the fact that you most likely have a choice about what you do, when you do it and how you do it. Try saying statements like “I would love to lift for another hour, but I have chosen to coach a class instead”.

The less confined you feel, the less stressed you’ll feel. You choose how you view a situation, make sure you’re not making it worse by pretending you don’t have any options.”