Why is Mobility so important in your CrossFit routine?


Why is Mobility so important in your CrossFit routine?

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Why is Flexibility/Mobility so important in your CrossFit routine?

Out of CrossFit’s 10 physical skills of fitness (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy), flexibility/mobility is the one that rules them all. Until an athlete incorporates mobility into their practice, they cannot realize and maximize their athletic performance

Why should I care about mobility?
• Improved performance, injury prevention and better expression of ideal technique!

Simple rules to follow when programming your mobility:
• 10-15 min every day – focus on the area that needs it
• Complete within the context of functional movement
• 2min/min dose – mobilize until change is made or until you stop making change
• If you can’t see change, there is no change. What matters is if the technique works. Not, the technique. Test and retest!

Rules of engagement:
• Always mobility in a good position.
• Prioritize the spine first! The spine is the primary carriage of the hips and shoulder. Maintaining a neutral spine (midline stabilization)     under task, load, and duration demands. Any change in spinal position can decrease force under load
• Global flexion (rounding of the spine for rolling, tumbling, etc) is ok, but not under load.
• Remember, Butt and gut – squeeze the butt and flex the abs, bring the rib cage down
• If it feels sketch, it is
• If it feels creepy, it is
• If it hurts or goes numb, stop