What Type Of Athlete Do You Want To Be?


What Type Of Athlete Do You Want To Be?

Via mentalitywod.com

“Have you ever…

  • rolled your eyes at a coach or judge for “no-repping” you?
  • been annoyed that a coach is giving you pointers mid-wod?
  • tried to ignore a coach?
  • purposefully put your equipment in the corner, where you think you’ll get less attention from coaches?
  • snuck through poor reps, with limited range of motion, when no one was looking?

Do you want to be that type of athlete? Would you want that type of athlete on your team? Would you be pumped to coach that type of athlete?

To get more out of yourself and your training…

  • ask your coach or judge to closely watch you and “no-rep” you on any movement that isn’t obviously correct.
  • ask people around you to let you know how you can move better, or what you need to improve.
  • tell your coach before the WOD starts, that you want as many pointers and tips as possible.
  • park your equipment front and center, so that coaches can clearly see you

Remember, that to become a better athlete, you have to become more coachable. This means that you have to get comfortable with being coached and judged while you’re training. Let the people you workout with know that you want to be held to a high standard and you’re always up for hearing their tips.” Continued…