What Are You Waiting For?


What Are You Waiting For?

Via mentalitywod.com

Do you find yourself waiting for either the right/perfect time? Do you find that you don’t take action, because you feel that you aren’t “quite ready”?

These attitudes and beliefs may be keeping you from really flourishing and performing your best.

Let me break it down for you. If you’re waiting for all of the risk to be gone, that probably won’t ever happen. If you’re waiting for the time to be perfect, there is no such thing. If you’re waiting for the fear to go away completely, that’s unrealistic.

Read this quote by Jonathan Fields (author of Uncertainty: Turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance)

“If you kill the butterflies in your stomach, you’ll kill the dream. Most people back away when they get that nervous, uncomfortable feeling. But that feeling signals you’re doing something that matters to you. Embrace the feeling. Lean into the discomfort. Try to understand what the feeling is telling you. Train yourself in the alchemy of fear.”

  • Your beliefs will control your actions. Being “ready” is a mindset, you decide when it’s time to go for it.
  • Tell yourself that you are ready, the time is right, and you are fully prepared to enjoy the journey (regardless of the outcome).
  • Do something. Make a move. Take a chance.