Wall Ball Tips


Wall Ball Tips

Via Crossfitinterpid.com

“1. Elbow position

When you catch and toss the wall ball, try to keep your elbows either straight up and down or angled slightly inward. This position sets you up much better for tossing the ball to a target above your head. If you let your elbows angle outward when you catch and toss the ball, a couple of things can happen. One, when you catch the ball with elbows out it’s much easier to allow the ball to drop lower or out in front of you, moving your center of gravity away from you, making the movement much tougher on your back and making it less efficient. Two, when you toss the ball overhead, your shoulders aren’t in the most effective position to get the most force on the ball. Compare this to the position you would use to shoot a basketball, you don’t see professional basketball players taking a shot with their elbows pointed out.

2. Head and neck position

If you’ve ever done the workout “Karen” (150 wall balls for time) you may notice that your neck can get tired spending all of that time looking up. Some people suggest trying to keep your head and neck in a neutral position for as much of the movement as possible. This part takes practice because you still want to be able to see your target and see the ball to catch it, so you’ll need to figure out at what points you may need to look up a little more and at what points you’re okay just seeing the ball in your periphery. This leads to the next point about your position relative to the wall.” Continued…