Visualizing A Successful Outcome Isn’t Enough


Visualizing A Successful Outcome Isn’t Enough



“We have all heard the teaching “visualize success” throughout our training and our lives. Although, I do believe it’s an effective strategy, there’s another way to visualize that’s even more impactful.

To be able to reach a certain goal, or achieve a specific outcome, you have to take a lot of steps. Unfortunately we can’t just visualize success, and then boom…we get it. So, if are really driven and want something to happen, you’ll want to practice visualizing the process.

  • Think of a goal you have and then spend time visualizing yourself going through the steps that you need to take, so you can achieve it. Visualize the process and what needs to happen in order for you to be successful. The more often you can spend time visualizing yourself taking action, overcoming hurdles, and being effective throughout the process, the better.

Visualizing action steps, helps build belief and confidence which will likely lead to a greater commitment. So yes, continue to think about what you want, and imagine yourself succeeding, but also add “process visualization” to your repertoire of mental practices.” Continued..