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CrossFit is about teaching people how to move.  It’s about movement patterns that are essential to life, well-being and your independence.  CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.  That is…moving large loads, long distance and quickly.  We all do the same things: Squatting, deadlifting, jump, run, throw and pull-up.  These are all-natural movements!  And every aspect of your being is going to change.  You’re going to get stronger, you’re going to get more flexible and your confidence is going to rise significantly.  You’re setting up patterns for success across all of life.

If you come into our gym, we’ll put all of the names of our members on the board…3…2…1…GO!  The clock starts, it’s ON!  And the last guy or girl is cheered on like a HERO!  The net result is a community that is bound by “belief in self”, “belief in one another”, and these people are united in an understanding that all good things come out of BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS! 

-Coach Greg Glassman

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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