The Squat – Common Problems and corrections


The Squat – Common Problems and corrections


“The squat is is one of the most effective and functional lower body exercises there is. However it is also an exercise that many people struggle with, a lot of the time without event realising. Stand in a gym or and observe people carrying out the exercise, or even people sitting down and standing back up on your local coffee shop and you are likely to observe all manner of issue with poor technique and posture throughout the movement.

This is ironic considering that almost all young children will display textbook technique for the squat when they try to pick something up from the floor, yet they have had no coaching at all in how to perform the movement.  Yet as we get older poor habits and injuries cause many people to develop incorrect movement patterns and physiological limitations hence the poor technique.

Adding weight into the equation in a gym without first mastering the correct technique only compounds the problem, it reinforces the incorrect sequence of muscle firing as well as enhancing the individuals chances of sustaining an injury.” Continued…