The Power Of Humor


The Power Of Humor


“My mom always tells me, “don’t lose your sense of humor”. Even when things get “heavy” this advice serves as an important reminder, that a smile, joke or laugh will almost always make it better. Some of the strongest people I know are able to bring some light and humor to even the toughest situations. Laughing in the face of adversity can be profoundly relaxing, for both the body and mind.

Using appropriate humor can help you handle difficult people, environments and even workouts.

If you’re feeling super anxious, down, or worried, here are some of the best ways to loosen up

  • laugh
  • engage in playful, light and funny conversation
  • watch or read something funny
  • crack a joke
  • think of a funny memory
  • remind yourself to loosen up and to never lose your sense of humor