That Dark Place


That Dark Place


“Several weeks ago one of our coaches at Crossfit 604Pete Kendrick, shared some wise advice that has resonated with me ever since.

As a crossfitter are you able to “go to that dark place”?

Pete was of course referring to those workouts where you push past all of the mental barriers and all of the little gremlins telling you can’t into a new frontier of pain, mental toughness, and overall performance.

I intuitively knew exactly what Pete was talking about and had a flashback to some of my basketball conditioning workouts that left me lying on the floor unable to move.

What I realized through Pete’s description is that going to that dark place is a tangible skill.

This triggered several key learnings for me:

1. “That Dark Place” is somewhere we are all able to go.

Each and every one of us is capable of pushing our bodies beyond our preconceived mental limits. Have you ever experienced a workout where you pushed yourself harder than you ever thought you could because someone was standing right beside you yelling at you to “pick the bar back up!”?

If so, this is a perfect example of building that mental toughness skill!

2. Just like any other skill, it can be developed and learned.

That’s right.

At first this may mean asking that friend to push you to that place once every week. After experiencing both the process to access that place, and the feeling when your there, you will begin to understand how to get there on your own.

3. We can train ourselves to turn it on or off.

Your body Your mind can only operate in this state of pushing new frontiers for so long. For an all out sprint workout, 1-4 minutes (think “Fran”), you may be able to lay on the gas and stay in that dark place all the way to the last rep. In a longer, 8-15 minute workout, you may strategize your pace and only make that grueling push in the last handful of minutes.” Continued…