GMSP Cycle 1 Day 1


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 1

This Blog is now in use lol. So first thing I want to do is share the squat program I have been working on. Now I know what your thinking…..does it work? My answer is…..Yes!, If you’re willing to push yourself through some soreness and extra reps. I’ve noticed a lot of my numbers in the major lifts (the snatch and clean+jerk) have gone way up since I’ve been squatting this way. So I’m hoping in return you guys will also see some gainz for yourself. You must still practice your lifts! Squatting 300lbs means nothing if you still have trouble with your lifts. However I am hoping this program will build the confidence you need to practice them so you can be the best athlete you can be. Now be advised, This cycle will have you squatting 3 times a week. Some days We will be warriors squatting weight very close to our 1RM for reps. Other days will be easy. Really, Really easy.
It is very important we keep our core/mid-line stability very strong…..unless you have already finished the #datpackback challenge in which case there is no belt strong enough to keep your abs from ripping through your shirt. Make sure you are warmed up very well and if you have lifters and a belt. Strap em on! The GMSP Cycle 1 starts NOW!

*Note- Keep in mind. This Squat cycle should be done before or after the class has begun!!!!
(if your are going to squat after class, make sure you have rested at least 15-20min before beginning to ensure recovery)

Find your 5 rep Max!
(ex. Mine was 315 on 2/23/15)
3×4 @75% of 1 rep Max.
(ex. My 75% was 270 on 2/23/15)

*The intention is to build the mental push needed for the heavy lifts. Wanting to push through that last rep. Warm up correctly! do not get tired to early by going up by 5s.

Get pumped, 4 scoops, and have fun!

Remember, Post all Loads to Comments section below!!!