Britney Cupples

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Britney Cupples

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer


Athletic and Education Background

Education – Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from LSU with a Minor in Psychology

Athletic – Played volleyball, softball, and basketball my entire life. I also played travel volleyball for Blue Crab. I started coaching travel ball my senior year in high school, and when I started teaching in 2014 I also started coaching high school sports. Sports and athletics have always been a HUGE part of my life so CrossFit was a no brainer.

Q&A With Your Coach!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

9 years

Favorite CrossFit movement?

Double unders and overhead squats

Least favorite CrossFit movement?

Box jumps and toes to bar

Favorite memory you have while doing CrossFit?

I made it to the top 5 in a competition and part of the final workout was to pull an F250 truck across the floor!….oh and also meeting my husband Marshall of course lol

What is your day job?

Algebra I teacher at Belle Chasse High School and assistant volleyball coach

Favorite food?

Roast, rice, and gravy! Yum!