Self-Talk Strategy For WODs


Self-Talk Strategy For WODs



“During your workouts, you want to make sure that your self-talk is

1. helping you stay efficient with your movement


2. helping you push yourself

The most important thing is that you want to make sure your self-talk is helping you, and not hurting you. Your thoughts can either make you feel pumped, positive and capable, or they can make you feel lethargic, negative and full of doubt. Your feelings then determine your actions/how you physically respond.

Try this “self-talk technique” that I’ve helped athletes with

    • Ping-Pong Thinking  (I just made up that name) – Next time you’re in a WOD, try bouncing back and forth between two different thoughts. One of the thoughts will help you stay efficient with your movement and will be about “form, technique, or strategy”. This might be a cue to remind you of something you usually forget, or something that you know will help you move quickly and will full range of motion. Then, your alternate thought will be one that helsp you push yourself, like a mantra, positive thought or encouraging statement.
    • Examples – “Dip and punch, I got this” –  “Eyes up, keep pushing” – “Push through the heels, anything is possible” – “Aggressive pull, I could go all day”

Advanced athletes can bounce between numerous thoughts that they know will help them get the most out of themselves. Once you understand the types of thoughts that help you perform your best, you’ll be able to bounce between them easier and with great effectiveness. Try the “ping-pong” thinking out, and let me know how it goes!”