Psychology Behind AMRAPs vs Rounds For Time


Psychology Behind AMRAPs vs Rounds For Time



“Which would you prefer, mentally – AMRAP or RFT?”

I asked this question on Mentality WOD’s Facebook Page and the responses were intriguing and fun to read.

In an AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) workout, you have a designated amount of time to do as much work as possible.

In a RFT (rounds/reps for time) workout, you have a designated amount of work that you accomplish as quickly as possible.

You might enjoy one style more than another, and you might find it more challenging to push, or pace yourself with a certain layout. The most important thing is that you know HOW to get the most out of yourself, regardless of the style of workout. Different structures of workouts will continue to expose any physical or mental weaknesses. You’ll be able to perform your best, if you can make sure that your mindset is helping you, not holding you back.”

If you did a 5 min AMRAP or burpees and got X amount of reps and then a few days later did X amount of reps for time – Do you think you would do it quicker than 5 minutes? Would your effort change because of the layout?

Become more aware of your mental processes and learn ways to set yourself up for success.

Answer these questions:

  • Which structure of workout do you prefer and why?
  • What can you learn about yourself from doing the style you prefer least?
  • What can you mentally change or improve for next time you face that style of workout you don’t enjoy as much?

If you can control your mindset, and get your thoughts to work for you, then you’ll continue to perform better. No matter what the workout is or how it’s structured, you’ll want to be able to get the most out of yourself. Continue to challenge your mind, and body to see what you’re capable of doing.