Positivity and Perseverance – The Killer Combo


Positivity and Perseverance – The Killer Combo

Via Mentalitywod


“Have you ever felt like just giving up on your dreams or desires? Do you ever get discouraged when you feel like you’re falling behind, or like you just aren’t making the progress that you want to?

When you feel like your goals are still way out of reach, use these 2 reminders

1. Positivity fuels perseverance. The more optimistic you can be, the more likely you are to keep pushing. Use whatever thoughts you can to keep yourself upend you’ll improve your chances of remaining steady on your course of action – Read more about “developing optimism” 

2. Perseverance fuels positivity. The more perseverant you can be, the more likely you are to feel positive about your progress. Sometimes, we may not feel super “optimistic”, but if we can use thoughts to help us keep pushing, before you know it…bam, we are feeling accomplished and determined again – Read more about “developing perseverance” 


The thoughts you have will lead your actions. When you can implement thinking patterns and beliefs that help you be more positive, or more perseverant, then you’ll keep winning. The key is to learn what thoughts are helping you, and which ones are holding you back.”