One Statement That Can Change Everything


One Statement That Can Change Everything


“You might get to the gym and think about all of the things that you wish were different. Maybe you get to work, or an event, and you forgot something important, or you’re not feeling well.

Then, you begin to shut down, or become negative, because you’re thinking about what you don’t have, or what you wish you did.

You can always let your environment, or circumstances hold you back, if you want them to. You can become a victim, or you can blame someone or something else. Excuses and complaints come very easily to a lot of people, especially when they become a habit.

You might not like where you are, and you’re constantly thinking about what you want to change. Have you ever felt like you can’t perform your best because something isn’t quite “right”?

  • The next time you’re in a situation, where you start thinking “this would all be better if _________” (someone was there, you felt better, you had more of something, etc.) — use this one statement that changes everything —-> “I can work with this” 

You can either look at your situation and think about ALL that you don’t have, or you can look at yourself, and think about ALL that you are capable of, regardless of what’s going on around you. To be your best, you’ll want to be able to adapt to any environment, and any situation.”