Today we’re drilling the Muscle up progression in reverse.


“Just do it”- Nike (and Shia Labeouf)
Sometimes when I’ve spent too much time thinking on a particular challenge, I get this feeling of being frozen. I visualize myself mid-stride but completely surrounded by ice, immobilized.
As I pan out (in my imagination) I see that I’m the only thing frozen. The world is still the same as before. I’m not in a frozen world, but simply encapsulated by a block of ice.
The further I pan the worse my situation gets. Every time I think about and visualize this simplified representation of my life and how it moves forward in time, there’s always a hill, a seemingly infinite slope. Of course, my goal is NOT to return to the bottom of the hill (where I started), but up and over it.
So I’m now frozen solid in this block of ice and unfortunately, gravity exists in this imaginary land. There’s only one direction for my slippery ice coffin to go…down.
This leaves 2 options. However, I choose to only recognize one of them. I’ll have to allow the 2nd one an appearance here for the reader.
Option 1: Do something. Option 2: Do nothing
Enough babble… My point is that so many people become frozen by indecision. The longer you wait to make a decision, erringly assuming you have time, you’ve already made decision #2.
It’s a baffling process indeed. You know what you’re doing isn’t working but you would rather fail than make a change. Change for you is harder than failing. The person struggling to quit smoking…the obese person who just “can’t” kick bad habits… You know what you’re doing is KILLING you but the fight to change seems exponentially more difficult.
The key here is that you have a CHOICE. Don’t just tap out. If you are faced with a tough situation that requires change, DO SOMETHING even if it too fails. At least you’ve moved the situation ahead and now you can react to the next scenario rather than being trapped (frozen) by the old one.
Life is an uphill battle and we all know this. In my personal climb, I’ve found that breaking through the proverbial frozen space of indecision and non-action allows you climb beyond dark valleys and above the rainclouds to a space filled with endless wildflowers, nectar scented winds, and a better view of this awe inspiring world.


Remember to work on your False Grip!


Movement: Reverse Strict Muscle Up (RSMU)

Advanced- Complete 30 reps
Intermediate– Complete 20 reps
Beginner– Complete 15
Rest as needed between repetitions