It’s All in the State of Mind


It’s All in the State of Mind


“Throughout my life and especially in preparation for competitions, I like to prep my mind with scriptures, motivational quotes; phrases of positivity.  I’ve literally been hanging from the rings, on attempt number 1,000 of a muscle up and repeated in my head, “Because I haven’t found my limit. Faith over Fear. I can do all things through Christ”.  Now, have these ever helped me get an actual muscle up? Sadly, not yet… but they do help me keep my spirits high in anticipation for the one day that I finally will.

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our minds” -Napolean Hill.

In the heat of the moment, when people tell you “you can’t,” when you get “no repped, ” when business opportunities fall through, and when frustration sets in, it’s a natural reaction to get angry and start thinking negatively – BUT if you’ve trained your mind, like you train your body you can “Fall 99 Times, Rise 100″ that much easier.”Continued…