How to Have a Productive Training Session


How to Have a Productive Training Session



“Success in Practice

In competition, success is about achieving your goal. Success may be winning the race, wining the game or breaking an Olympic record. There are definite goals to demonstrate in competition that provide feedback as to whether it is a successful competition or not.
If you’re like most athletes, you know exactly what you want to accomplish in competition, and you see success as achieving that goal.

Practice should be no different. Success in your practice is about achieving practice goals. If you don’t set goals for each practice, you are not alone, and now’s the time to change that – recognize that daily practice goal setting is the necessary first step toward setting yourself up for success in practice, and then in competition.

You should have a goal for every practice, something specific you want to accomplish. Even on those days when you wish you were anywhere but in practice, it is important to be able to take something — however little it may be — away from your training.

As a first step, before every practice session, ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish today?” or “What am I going to work on today to make myself better?” (Oh yeah…make sure you actually answer the questions, please).

The answers to these questions — whether it is doing 30 minutes of cardio, lifting 3 more reps, working on specific elements of technique, or maintaining a positive attitude — become your goals. Achievement of said goals helps you set the stage for practice success.

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