How To Bounce Back


How To Bounce Back


“During tough times, you might start to question things, and feel down, pissed off, negative or confused. I think that it’s healthy and good to feel all emotions, but, it’s important that you know how to bounce back. When you start asking yourself (or others) questions, make sure that you’re phrasing them in a positive, present-tense, so that you can begin to feel better about your situation.

Here’s what I mean

  • Instead of: “Why me?” “Why did I?” “Why didn’t he” “Why not them?” “What if my doubts and fears were right?“
  • Swap those questions out with something like: “How can I grow from this?” “What can I improve on in my life? “How can I become a better person because of this?” “What can I do to stay calm?” “What do I have to look forward to?”

The questions you ask yourself, will help determine the answers and thoughts that you have. Improve the way you phrase things, and you’ll improve your total outlook.” Continued…