How Do You Frame Your Future?


How Do You Frame Your Future?


Things can change very quickly. We are constantly being forced to think about what we want, and what we need to do to get that. Our situations and environments evolve, and we must make smart adaptations in order to succeed.


You can look at, or frame, these changes as

1. challenges that are good for you (positive)


2. scary, bad and intimidating (negative)

Which way of “framing” do you think is going to help you train and perform better?

  • When you think about change, or challenge, do you set yourself up for a negative experience before you even start?


  • Do you regularly come up with excuses, because you view challenges as intimidating, instead of as healthy for you.


Don’t shoot down your future before it even starts. Instead, frame the change as positive and healthy, and you’ll see your motivation, confidence and mood all improve!