Got Control?


Got Control?



“CrossFit carries a certain mindset much of the time, which is to “go big or go home.” We lift heavy, we train hard, and we rep out movements like nobody’s business. Our workouts require us to be powerful and explosive…sometimes. A common theme I have noticed lately is that athletes go hard for certain movements where really control needs to be demonstrated.

We forget how beneficial control is. We should be the boss of a barbell, not the other way around. When the weight gets heavy or there are a lot of reps, it is easy to want to just keep going to get a faster time. This happens a lot with presses and cleans. We end up doing a bunny hop because we let the barbell get in control. Even doing movements like back squats require a lot of control. When you let the bar dictate where your elbows go, that is when you find yourselves having to bail too early. When you find yourself being thrown around by a movement, stop for a second and reset. Get in control.

Many bodyweight movements also require control and not going at them full throttle. For example, when you get more proficient at things like pull-ups and toes to bars, the space you move in should be minimal. The more you kick and have explosive kips, the bigger your movement is and therefore it’s actually less efficient. You’ll burn out faster because you are using more energy. Try using more control and your core instead of attacking them like you are doing some grandiose acrobatic performance.” Continued…