GMSP Cycle 1 Day 15


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 15

I remembered this little number after going to church today. I found it on a blog from Chris Spealler a while back. Its a small prayer that has a pretty deep meaning. The last lines of the prayer has stuck with me since. “…CrossFit Prayer:

Father, Thank you for the abilities you give us, for the strength and wisdom we gain in our training. Be with us as we work that we may do our best. Help us to be encouraging to others. Thank you for the people you have brought into our lives. Bless the athletes, coaches, and all those who support our training. May the results from our training be a reflection of Your Spirit in our lives. And finally Father, remind us that there is no failure, but only growth in the body and mind. Amen.
-Author Unknown…..”

7 reps w/barbell
7 reps w/ 35%
5 reps w/ 50%
3 reps w/ 50%
3 reps w/ 65%
3 reps w/ 75%
2 reps w/ 85%
2 reps w/ 85%
Back Squat
7×2 @95%

(rest at least 90sec before starting next set)

Happy Squatting 🙂