GMSP Cycle 1 Day 7


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 7

“What kind of person was I before CrossFit? Hmmm…I usually ask myself this question a bunch of times and I seem to always get the same answer. Someone wrapped up in his own insecurity.”

Part 1.

Throughout high school and my early part of college I was skinny skinny. I think i entered high school weighing pretty close to 140lbs. Even in when I played football, at my heaviest, I was about 155lbs locked in a position in which a guy at my stature would be crumbled by the other players. Still I was physical and put a TON of work on myself in the schools gym to be better but it still wasn’t enough, My opportunities to play for a school known for its reputation for football felt more like a waste of time because did not have a lot of opportunities to play as much as I wanted. Unlike the bigger guys. Eventually loosing my drive to compete in other sports except soccer. Which I was more built for. I just wanted to try something different. To be accepted in a society I wanted to be apart of.

With CrossFit, Ive learned that everyone accepts you the second you walk into the door. We are all part of a community in which becoming a better version of yourself is the number 1 goal. If you start to feel like you aren’t “good” at CrossFit think about how far you’ve come to get here. How you are standing on the gym flood and wondering how did you get yourself into this situation. I believe that the workouts we do are only half of what will get you to your goal. The other half is the community. The Trainers, your friends, even gainz are here to help you achieve your goal. We will be with you every step of the way. Large, small, short or tall. Fitness takes time, you have to be be willing to put in the effort to get results. But most importantly having fun doing so.

-High elbows ensures better balance throughout the movement
-Heels Heels Heels
-Remember to inhale and squeeeeez your belly! (mid-line stabilization)

All percentage of Front Squat are of Front Squat Max.
(if you do not know/ a rough estimate should be 80% or 85% of 1rm Back Squat)
(take that number and use it as your Front squat max)

warm up
5 reps w/barbell
5 reps w/30%
5 reps w/50%
3 reps w/75%
Front Squat
2×6 @ 75%
2×5 @ 80%
(yes that is a 5 on second set of 2)

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Happy Squatting. 🙂