GMSP Cycle 1 Day 4


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 4


I think of it this way if I can squat it, I can clean it! I tend to try my best to front squat my 1RM clean as many times as possible to ensure that if I were to catch it in the clean, I can be 100% confident I will can stand it up. Sort of a “mind over matter” kind of thing. With the front squats we will be playing with pause squats, tempo squats, and speed squatting. Every other week will be a heavy double or heavy single front squat to build a better core to handle the back squat weight.

-High elbows ensures better balance throughout the movement
-Heels Heels Heels
-Remember to inhale and squeeeeez your belly! (mid-line stabilization)

warm up:
1×10 w/empty barbell
1×5 @30%
1X3 @50%
2×2 @65%
Working set:
3×6 @70%
3×6 @80%

Happy Squatting!

Post all loads to comments! 🙂

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  1. Hello from socal!!! I’ve been checking the wtorkuos everyday I’ve been gone but I usually don’t have enough weight because I’m using the bar and metal plates I have here. Today I was only 10lbs off the rx weight for the metcon so I did it. I got a round of four the first round of three mins, and the rest of the rounds, I completed 5 rounds. It was a fun sprint workout, I just wish I could have been there with the actual weight!!!