GMSP Cycle 1 Day 18


GMSP Cycle 1 Day 18


What is your playlist? what gets you fired up to PR everything you do? I, believe it or not, like working out to pretty much anything. Even the slow stuff. Usually it’s just whatever mood. I’m gonna try to breakdown an normal situation in which I try to play the right music.

This stuff if the crazy dub step. Yea the one where it sounds like a car turning into a transformer. Mainly because it makes me want to break stuff or try to split the barbell in half.

THE “Don’t put the bar down” or “GO GO GO!” Workouts
This for me is that fast pace Dub step or the “Club” house music. (Sometimes old school heavy metal) Why? because it reminds me of an adrenalin rush. I save this for workouts like Fran, Grace, or any workout in which lung capacity is tested immediately. Workouts like this are under 10mins

THE “How much time do we have left?” Workouts
Here I usually try to find a playlist where every song is a song that I would listen to on a daily basis. Because honestly if the workout is going to be long and miserable I would like to at least listen enjoy one part of it.

THE “Geez I hope the class will enjoy this playlist” Workouts
Other than coaching itself, I think the hardest thing would be finding a playlist that everyone will enjoy. Remember if no one answers when I say “what do you guys want to listen too?” Then I’m gonna play what I want to listen too.

Back Squat
7 reps w/barbell
7 reps w/ 35%
5 reps w/ 50%
3 reps w/ 50%
3 reps w/ 65%
3 reps w/ 75%
2 reps w/ 85%
2 reps w/ 85%
Back Squat
7×3 @95%

(this is our last heavy day. Don’t hold anything back!)

Happy Squatting!