CrossFit – Fri, Oct 14


CrossFit – Fri, Oct 14

Crescent City Crossfit – CrossFit


2 Min on Any Machine

10 Band Pass Throughs

10 Band Pull Aparts

10 Band Around the Worlds  (5 ea)

10 Samson Lunges (5 ea)

30 Sec Hang from Pull Up Bar

10 Scap Pull Ups

10 Kip Swings

10 Leg Swings ea (Forward)

10 Leg Swings ea (Lateral )

30 Sec Down Dog Stretch (Heels Down)

*Grab bar to warm up for lunges

*Set up spot for Pull ups or Ring Rows


Metcon (Time)

Buy In 800m Run

5 Rounds:

12 Pull-Ups

18 Front Rack Lunges (75/55#)

Buy Out 800m Run

*28min TIME CAP*
*Scale Pull Ups to 12 reps of Jumping Pull ups or banded strict OR 15 Ring Rows

*Scale weight on bar as needed

*800 M run = 1000 M Row/1000 M Ski/ OR 2000 M C2 Bike