CCC Member Spotlight: Miapatrice Allen


CCC Member Spotlight: Miapatrice Allen



Four years ago, while serving in the Air National Guard, Miapatrice Allen heard about CrossFit from a fellow unit member. Mia saw him doing a workout and immediately realized she needed to amp up her workout from what she was doing at the time, running.

But because of the weight she’d gained, Mia was hesitant to try CrossFit. “In a strange way, I really wanted to do it, but I was very scared,” she recalls. “I was finally driven to find a CrossFit affiliate because I was tired of being overweight. I have always been a small girl and my sicknesses were taking over. I wasn’t feeling or looking like myself,” she says. “I wasn’t happy.”

Then Mia’s daughter found Crescent City CrossFit through a search online, and the close location to home meant no more excuses for Mia. She headed to the box, met Anne, who gave her an introduction to CrossFit and CCC, and started the very next day.

Over the past year at CCC, and thanks to her hard work and dedication, Mia has made impressive physical progress. Since the beginning of her weight loss journey, she has lost 85 pounds. And since January 2013, Mia has lost almost 18 inches overall. On top of massive improvements to her fitness level, Mia is now getting faster and stronger thanks to her consistency, dedication, and hard work.

Besides the remarkable physical changes Mia’s experienced thanks to CrossFit, she’s become more confident and happy. She credits the CCC community for helping her along the way and when things get rough. “The CCC family is there to support you in your ups and downs. No matter what, I know I have someone who can relate to my struggles,” she says. “The coaches and athletes alike are so encouraging, and I am able to tackle a lot thanks to their support.”

Mia specifically remembers this support bringing her home during the last few reps of a recent Filthy Fifty. Coach Michael cheered Mia on, helping her to finish the last few reps of the brutal chipper, and she was pleased to see that she finished in a 3-minute PR. Going into 2014, Mia’s goals include mastering unassisted pull ups and incorporating new, healthful foods into her lifestyle.

When asked what movement she’d banish from CrossFit if she could, Mia at first thought it would be the snatch, but then recounted that with Coach Phil’s help, she has made significant improvement on the lift. Given that, she says it then might be the broad jump, but added, “I guess that will be on my 2014 list to challenge myself.” Mia no longer allows fear to stand in her way. Her revised outlook and confidence in her strength and abilities and looks forward to taking on new challenges. She’s set an example for what’s achievable through CrossFit, bringing a can-do attitude to her workouts and taking on challenges she never thought possible.

From Coach Lyle:
“Mama Mia impresses me daily with her consistency and dedication. Like clockwork she shows up for her 4:30 class at 4:00 and gets to work on her skills and mobility. I remember when she thought she would never be able to squat with full range of motion. She stuck with it and I can see it in her smiling face when she surprises herself. Getting better every day, always pushing herself. All of this aside, she impresses me most with her dedication to her classmates. She will be the first one finishing a run with someone after her workout, or cheering them on for those last few reps. I’ve experienced it myself. She’s helped to push me through my own workouts. Mia reminds me what this community is all about. We constantly strive to be better people, for our people.”