Are You Stopping Too Early? Could You Do More?


Are You Stopping Too Early? Could You Do More?



“Counting reps is a necessary part of CrossFit training. You’re used to focusing on form, reminding yourself to breathe, and keeping a rep count as you move as quickly as possible. Throughout Mentality WOD I even give you tips on how to count in different ways to make the reps seem to go faster, or to break them down into manageable sets.

But, there’s a chance that when you get stuck on a doing a certain number, or going a certain pace, that you might not be pushing as hard as you’re capable of pushing. Do you think we can be TOO “tuned-in” and aware at times? If you’re shooting for a certain goal, might you be too cautious at times and actually put limits on your abilities? Could you be over-thinking?

If you know that you just want to hit 2 pounds more than you’re last lift, you might only try as hard as you need to in order to do that *but maybe you’re capable of another 10 pounds

If you want to run a mile in under 6 minutes, you might pace it just right to hit 5:58 *but maybe you’re capable of a 5:45

  • You have to practice efforts where you are not counting at all, in fact you’re not even aware of how many, how much, how far, or how fast. Have a coach do that work for you, and you just move your best and your fastest for as long as you can.
    • Try this: Row a 1-5k without looking at the screen at all. Just go and see where you end up.
    • Try this: Have a coach (who knows your 1RM and can progress you safely) add weight to a barbell without you looking (they can even use odd plates). You just turn around, do your set up and go for the lift without knowing the weight. Build up to a heavy single, until you miss it 3x. See what happens.

Sprinkle these techniques into your training to really have to rely on your mental strength and skills to get the most out of your effort. I use different variations of this to push, challenge and encourage the athletes I work with.”