Adam S. Success Story


Adam S. Success Story

Dedicated. Consistent. Successful.
You’d never know from Adam’s obvious commitment to fitness that he wanted to quit from day 1. “I wanted to quit during the On-Ramp.” Coach Lyle asked Adam to, “Just give [him] 6 months”. And after six months, Lyle got Adam to commit to finishing out the year. “Now [Lyle] wants me to grow out my beard for the whole contract.”

Adam’s first workout was a grueling 14 minutes of “Cindy”, where he managed to get through three rounds. “I almost died. Coach Austin wanted to take me to the hospital afterward, I think. It was extremely modified: Ring rows were subbed for pull-ups; my pushups were from the knee and my “air squats” were more like “quarter squats”. The last time I did “Cindy,” I PR’ed with 16 rounds, only using a blue band for pull-ups. Since then, I no longer use a band – now all my pull-ups are chest to bar (since I’ve lost so much weight).”

Adam has lost a total of 83 pounds since joining CCC in August 2012. His next goal is to get down to 180. And he’s well on his way thanks to his solid attendance and noontime sessions with Coach Phil or Lyle. Adam enjoys the relative calmness of his regular 12:00 class. “I came at 5:30 one time and I was scared. There were way, way too many people running around. If my only time able to work out was 4:30 or 5:30, I would have already quit CrossFit (joking).”

Adam’s results also came from a change in his eating habits. Prior to joining CCC, Adam ate, “Donuts! McDonalds! I ate fast food like crazy. Every morning was two breakfast burritos, a donut around 10. Lunch was whatever was around me at work. Now I’m in the Zone!”

Adam’s wife Shannon became inspired by his transformation. “[Adam’s] Confidence level has never been this high.” “Adam started to improve with these huge changes…one day I woke up and he looked like a different person. He hung onto his baggy clothes for a long time, until his pants were falling off!” Now Shannon attends 4:30 class regularly and is ready for some new clothes of her own.

Most memorable WOD – “When I beat Gabino by one rep!”

Next physical goals: “ 220 C&J. In the next six months, I want to learn how to run better, focus on my endurance and dial in nutrition more.”

What would you tell someone who’s never tried CF? ““You don’t need to lose weight on your own before coming here – CrossFit can be scaled to where you are today.”

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  1. Heather Roos

    I can’t begin to say how proud I am of all of my cousins achievements! He is absolutely an inspiration to so many! Keep up the great work Adam!!