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What to Expect

Everyones’ journey begins with an initial health consultation. We take time to get to know you and assess your current health markers so that we can give you the best guidance.

You can book that initial FREE consult by contacting us.

Every CrossFit gym or “box” is completely different, here’s what you can expect at Crescent City CrossFit: expect to be challenged, encouraged and expect the unexpected. CrossFit training is constantly varied, so you may not repeat a specific WOD (workout of the day) for months at a time.

WODs vary in duration and in composition, but each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and a review of all movements that are found within that day’s workout, as proper technique ensures safety. Because CrossFit is universally scaleable, one of our certified trainers will assess whether a movement or weight needs to be scaled to your current fitness level before the WOD begins.


For your initial consultation, all you need to bring is any information that we can use to best determine where your journey will begin within CCC.

Any health concerns, injuries, or conditions should be brought to our attention in this initial consult. The more details you can provide us the better!

Book your initial consult by contacting us.

Once you’ve made the transition into a workout class, read below about what to bring along.

A good start is a water bottle, comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. A good attitude and willingness to push yourself. In the end, it’s just you versus you – the WOD will challenge you, empower you and possibly humble you, but no matter what, we have fun in the process.


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