3 Things To Let Go Of


3 Things To Let Go Of

“Want to improve? Want more success? Ready to see even bigger changes this year? I hope so. Me too.

Sometimes we have to let go of certain thoughts and habits. Some things hold you back, and keep you from getting to the next level. You may not even realize it, but hopefully this post will help you.

Think about these examples, and see if there are any thoughts that you can let go of, so that you can continue to improve and see results.

3 Things To Let Go Of

1. Let go of the perception of overnight success.

Good things take time. Results take a lot of effort. It’s not likely that your business will boom overnight. It’s not likely that you’re going to put 50 lbs on your Deadlift overnight either. If you want to improve, you have to embrace the journey and realize that it will take time. Enjoy the ride, and love the process.

2. Let go of the idea that it’s too late.

It’s never too late – never, never, never. You aren’t where you thought you’d be at this stage of the game? That’s okay, don’t give up if you really want it. Someone else is advancing more quickly than you? Who cares, encourage them and get back to what you need to do. Don’t give up. It’s a great time to get started.

3. Let go of negative thoughts and words

Please? Each day, focus on eliminating negative thoughts and words. Try with all of your might, to not talk down to yourself or anyone else. Notice the negative thoughts and stop yourself. The negativity needs to stop. I have all sorts of tips on this site about how to improve and be more positive and optimistic.


Start letting go of those 3 things, and focus on improving your mindset so that you can be your best. Like I always say, your thoughts either help you or hold you back. You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of when your mind is working FOR you and not AGAINST you.”

Via Mentalitywod.com