Crescent City Crossfit – CrossFit


1000 M C2 or 0.6 Assault Bike

50 FT High Knees

50 FT Butt Kicks

50 FT Toe Walking

50 FT Straight Leg Kicks

50 FT Cossacks

50 FT Hamstring scoops

10/10 Spiderman Lunge with thoracic rotation

10 Plank to Down Dog (Heels Down, hold 5 sec)

Warm up on Rig OR rings for pull ups/ring rows


Rene (Time)

7 rounds for time of:

400m Run

21 Walking Lunges

15 Pull-Ups

9 Burpees

*If you have a 20-lb. weight vest or body armor, wear it.
Danish Army Sgt. René Brink Jakobsen of Vang, Denmark, died Jan. 3, 2013
To learn more about Rene click here
*35 min TIME CAP*

**400m Run = 500m Row or 800m C2**

*Scale options: Scale number of rounds or decrease duration of time cap*